Compañía Antártica, called beforeThe Bag Lady Theater came into being in 2010 as a fruit of the collaboration between the sisters Malgosia and Ana Szkandera.

Their Company works within the boundaries of both Object Theatre and Physical Theatre, athwart a truly contemporary path. They use tools such as movement, visual poetry, songs, music and silence as conduits for scenic art creation in a non-verbal plays.


Bag Lady was their first piece. Its uniqueness lies in the skilful use and transformation of simple plastic bags into delicate, one-of-a-kind marionettes. Created between New York, Belgium and Spain. Bag Lady received a Jim Henson Foundation Seed Grant.


It has been performed in over 25 countries and has participated in some of the most important theatre festivals in the world, from the warm Havana to the white Siberia.


AntártiCa is their second creation.