Men wanted for hazardous journey.

Low wages, bitter cold,

long hours of complete darkness.

Safe return doubtful.

Honour and recognition in event of success.





5000 candidate. 27 men chosen. The first expedition to cross the entire Antarctic continent. Lead by Ernest Shackleton. Trapped on the ice for two years. They all come alive. Meanwhile, a woman waits, and, surrounded by everyday objects, this waiting turns into a voyage as well. Her voyage. Further than the South, towards the unknown, towards the extremity we all contain. Let's go. Let us march with her. So that all our sighs, all our tears, our sleepless nights, all our trust and bravery travel with her, like the freezing gales that drive her boat on.




the piece of chess.


There is a prison


in a woman


in a prison.


 There is a place.


 In a woman.



A game of chess. A mysterious parcel. A pair of old boots. A white dress. 

The march to the place at the end of the world.

A voyage contained in each one of the everyday objects. A voyage without words.

A visual coordinates...the soubds that come and go...

This is a tribute to bravery, to the impulse of impenitent curiosity, to the men who set out to discover.

This is a tribute to the women.


To those who whilst waiting, remained forever trapped in the ice, and to those who decide that the only true failure would be not to explore at all.





Performed and Directed by: Malgosia Szkandera


Dramaturgy: Carlos Rod

Object theater Assistent: Xavier Bobés Solá

Movement: Jesús Rubio Gamo

Music and Sound Designer: Mathias Gunnarsson

Susasí, cello piece composed and play by Iris Azquinezer

Light Designer: José Luis Vázquez Luengo

Props: I.Mástil and Adrián Aparicio



Production: Compañía AntártiCa





(...) The play “ANTÁRTICA” is pure theater (...) I see the Penelope complex and I am horrified. But “Antartica” is a rebirth. An awakening A white dress full of lights. A beautiful tribute (...)


Kina Jaraíces. “”


(...) It keeps you attentive - almost as a poetic detective - each movement, which, together, builds a show full of beauty. That is "Antarctic"; A work full of complex and simple symbolism at the same time, represented with delicacy and mastery by Malgosia Szkandera.


(...)The small effort of the audience - Nothing, compared to the effort to create a work, is essential to raise the level of the current theater scene. The play "Antarctic" is just that; Theater of these times, without falling into the classification of "Contemporary", "Objects", "Dance", "Movement". It is simply a play that must be seen and then thought. (...)


                                                                                      “Titeresante Magazine”